Restorative & Reiki

Restorative & Reiki

Restorative Yogai

A practice of conscious deep rest.

The body is supported by the props in the correct alignment allowing the universal energy to flow to offer the body, mind and soul healing on a cellular, immune and energetic level. Safely guided to ensure deep rest and to return with vitality.

Find harmony within the body: Regulates health, fertility, Growth, Repair, Elimination.

Guiding through the 3 stages of relaxation.

*Physical relaxation – Heart rate slows down, Breathing slows and calms, Muscle relaxation.

*Pratyahara – Response to sensory activity reduced to nil- Non active state.

*Ashunya – Beyond self-awareness.


Working With The 5 Kosha

AnnaMaya Kosha    Earth element  = Physical body

Prana Maya Kosha  Water element = Energy/Breath body

Mano Maya Kosha  Fire element = Emotional body

Vijna Maya Kosha  Air element = Mental body

Ananda Maya Kosha  Space element = Bliss body


The Session Includes:

Asana – Limbering of the spine

Pranayama – Clearing the energy system to allow the universal energy to flow

Restorative practice – Bespoke postures chosen for your individual needs

Meditation – Guided towards your true-self to balance the mind, body and soul

Option to include Reiki healing during the practice to release any blockages within the energy system, [chakras]