Usui Reiki Ceremonies

Usui Reiki Ceremonies

Yogai Usui Reiki Ceremonies

Feel the flow, come and learn this hands-on energy healing system.

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed it means it no longer controls your life.

I know this because this is what it did for my students and myself.

If you want to heal yourself and others Reiki may be able to make that dream a reality.


Reiki Levels:

Reiki Level 1 £120

Lays the foundation of Reiki

The course introduces the philosophy, history and theory of Reiki.

Self- Inner work, getting to know yourself for self-development.

Sage cleansing practise.

Cacao heart opening ceremony.

Reiki body work.


*Attunement to start the flow of Reiki energy

*How to tune into “Reiki”

*The Reiki history and Reiki Principals

*What is healing

*What is energy

*Chakra system

*Energy cleansing techniques

*21 day clearing process

*Hand positions

*How to give Self Reiki

*How to give Reiki to others


*Pranayama/ Breathwork


Reiki 2 £135

Practitioner Level

Level 2 greatly increases the ability to use Reiki and allows students to send distant treatments, also for self-development and spiritual growth.

This course is designed to support the student to confidently be able to give healing to others, offering professional treatments with the ability to get professional indemnity insurance and start their own practice.

Opening Pranayama and Meditation practice

Sage and crystal practice

Deeper self-discovery and coaching with the use of Sound and Mantra


*Level 2 Attunement

*Learn the Reiki symbols

*Use the symbols in a self-treatment

*Use the symbols when healing others

*Intuitive Reiki

*Body Scanning

*Energy Cleansing Techniques

*Sending distant healing

*How to give a professional treatment


Reiki Masters Level £180