Workshops and Events

Come and join this group workshop for a collective event of  energy work, conscious deep rest and healing.

Are your chakras out of balance?

It is such a blessing to be attuned as a Reiki Master and I would love to share this healing magic with you all in the safe space, through the practice of restorative yoga and reiki. I will guide you gently through a series of postures. Allowing your physical body to receive the pose supported by the props (provided) and melt into utter bliss in the correct body alignment of comfort and support, breathing in the beautiful diamond white light of universal energy to release any energy blocks, stress and tension, cleansing emotionally and physically. Assisting in the removal of toxins, supporting the immune system, bringing harmony and balance.

I will be encouraging you to return to your natural state, releasing any pain and accelerating healing.

Please join me on this journey of finding the truth of who we are on a soul level and to live this life with purpose.

Yogai supports local events sharing the knowledge of these ancient practices to help raises awareness of consciousness. You can find us at  events held by the following companies:


Morninggloryville manchester


Tribe Gaia

Sisterhood Trials

Just Strong