Yogai In Schools

Yogai In Schools

Yogai In Schools

Providing fun, educational yoga and mindfulness workshops for children of all ages.

Encouraging imaginative exploration of meditation, Pranayama and Asana, taking inspiration from nature, animals  and the elements, weaving in history and philosophy through a creative theme to capture the children’s attention and imagination.

Interactive sessions including the use of music and props, using all of the senses.

*Before school clubs

*After school clubs

*School workshops [Regular sessions or one off bookings/ per hour or day rate]

*Holiday clubs



My boys look forward to their yoga class every week, I can always tell they have had a yoga class as their mood is much more calm when they get home from school and bed time is so much easier as they are so relaxed.

Yoga is Lona’s favourite lesson of the week, she was shy and quite nervous at the beginning of term, I have really seen an improvement in her confidence over the weeks.